What in the World is Reputation Management?

For the most part, reputation management refers to control someone’s online presence, whether that presence be the results given when someone’s name is searched for on a search engine such as Google or what is seen or written about them on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. A great deal of the business happens to be sites such as mugshot sites, which takes images from public records and puts them on it’s website. While that seems innocuous, their business model is based around getting the mugshots they have to rank on search engines for that person’s name (and sometimes other people’s names) and having those people pay out of the nose to get them removed. The worst part is that you don’t ever have to have been convicted of anything. If you’ve ever been arrested, booked, and had your picture taken, chances are they can use that picture against you. This can make it very hard for someone to get a job as most employers nowadays use search engines to get a brief review of someone’s background. If they find a mugshot there without any explanation, they will assume the worst and you may end up losing that job you were otherwise completely qualified for.

So here’s where reputation management comes in. A reputation management firm like Sunset Reputation can get those things off of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

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